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Sa'adiah Khan - Artist

Sa’adiah is a multi-disciplinary intuitive & community artist based in Cambridge, UK. Where she studied Fine art & Printmaking at the Cambridge school of art.


For her personal practice, she plays with chaos & control to explore well-being, healing & self-development.

Focusing on trust, balance, facing fears, letting go & generally going inward (self-awareness), using art as the process.


She has been building her theories from these alone & in collaborations.

Combining her interests in psychology, philosophy & spirituality with her art, using techniques such as abstract painting & printmaking on various (often functional) surfaces.

Over the past 8 years, she has been testing these theories holistically on herself then on others during workshops, 1 to 1 tutorials & commissioned community projects. Both with groups & individuals of all ages & abilities. Join her facebook group 'Art for well-being' for online group events, videos, tips & exclusive offers!


For Sa’adiah, having an inclusive & interactive element alongside her personal practise is essential to her ethos "Keeping creativity & curiosity alive" which she strives to encompass in all her work & being.

The response from participants and her own development have been immensely positive, she’d like to focus on pushing these ideas further in order to share them with the wider world, be that in more schools, workplaces or personal & group development events.

Sa'adiah is an artist and director at Thrifts walk studios as part of the Cambridge Art Salon team.

Also working with Oblique Arts, playing an integral role in the annual Cambridge folk festival art install and Mixed bag theatre teams.

Her most rewarding project so far has been for a local community group, as lead artist working in collaboration with her twin sister Samirah Khan & colleague Dan Biggs on the Chesterton community mural 'Kindness is always in season' Running workshops with a wide spectrum of residents through to painting the final street mural & holding online space for the murals continued lasting impact.

To follow any present projects & progress it's best to follow her Instagram where she shares most frequently.

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